Fireproofing products

Swart & Sons utilise an array of high quality fireproofing products from the world's leading manufacturers in their respective fields.
Just as we place a high level of importance in the skills and expertise of our trades people we believe the quality of the materials used is just as important... there's no point in producing a high quality job if the materials won't stand up to the test of time or are not fit for purpose.

Nullifire intumescent paints

Nullifire products and services have been used in some of Australia's premier property development projects like 111 Eagle in Brisbane and Melbourne Airport's T4 terminal building.

International by Akzonobel

A large range of high quality intumescent coating products with a world-wide reputation for ease of use and reliability.

Jotun fire paints

Jotun protect property by providing solutions that not only enhance the appearance of your assets, but ensure, long-lasting durability.

Cafco vermiculite fire sprays

Cafco vermiculite fire sprays are applied to construction elements like concrete or steel sections, particularly where off-site application is required. They are suitable for exterior use on structures and vessels in the oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries and for refurbishment or upgrading of existing tunnel structures.


Isolatek’s family of medium density SFRMs is designed to cover a full range of exposed, high traffic applications. Durable portland cement-based formulations provide exceptional physical performance which meet or exceed industry in-place performance standards. The product line includes dry and wet spray products, each with distinct uses and advantages.


FyreWrap is the leading solution for passive fire protection for duct work in commercial buildings. The product provides protection for all ductwork where an FRL is required.

Fire boards

Fire boards applied to structural steel and timber and concrete floors and walls prevent the spread of fire, smoke and gases from one part of a building to another.


Durasteel is a composite board manufactured with a fibre reinforced cement core that combines lightness, strength, impact resistance and durability with exceptional fire resistance.


Fyreboxes ensure compliant passive fire penetrations. Available in standard sizes or custom built, they eliminate the need for separation of services.

Chartek intumescent bolt caps from Permax

Intumescent bolt caps provide protection to bolted connections in structural steel frames in the event of fire and have been tested for up to three hours fire protection.

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