Trafalgar Fyrebox

Trafalgar Fyreboxes are designed to ensure correct and compliant passive fire penetrations. They come in standard sizes or can be custom built. They allow for multiple and mixed services to pass through it, in close vicinity to each other, with proven fire testing eliminating the need for 200mm separation between adjacent services.

Offering robust passive fire protection for wall penetrations and floor penetrations, the Fyrebox systems utilise intumescent foam seals to ensure any installation errors repair themselves under fire conditions. The Fyrebox systems have been tested with a vast range of mixed services in all configurations, and also blank (with no services), which ensures compliant fire stopping of any service penetration.

The intumescent foam seals make installation easier and having the hard exterior prevents damage to the foam and cables after the penetration is complete.

They are quick to install and can be cast into new slabs or slab-mounted reducing the overall installation area for service penetrations.

Exposed Trafalgar Fyrebox during installation
Fyreboxes are subject to rigorous testing to ensure their effectiveness in comparison to other penetration methods
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