Swart and Sons is an Adelaide based specialist fireproofing and maintenance contractor providing a wide range of maintenance and construction services to the South Australian Industry since 1954.

Our vision is to be the recognised performance leader in the Australian construction industry.  Being a performance leader means we will deliver operational excellence, industry-leading customer satisfaction and superior financial performance.  We will realise this mission by setting the highest standards in service, reliability, safety and cost containment in our industry.

Swart and Sons main business activity is Fireproofing Adelaide! Swart and Sons are Adelaide's largest passive fireproofing company specialising in the application of vermiculite spray and the world leading Nullifire Intumescent coatings. We recommend and use the International Interchar intumescent range for high end cellulosic and petrochemical fire rating projects.

Passive Fire Protection Adelaide
  • The New world's first Nullifire SC-901 and SC-902 one application intumescent fire paint system. The next generation of fire coatings.
  • CAFCO® 300 Vermiculite Gypsum Based Wet Mix Spray
  • CAFCO FENDOLITE® M11 Integrated Fire Protective Coating System (ideal for out door applications)
  • Promat fire boards and sealants
  • INTER-CHAR® International Paints range of intumescent Coatings
  • Nullifire traditional Water Based intumescent Coating system Range
  • Trafalgar Fyrewrap for commercial fire protection of kitchen ducts and exhaust ducts
Specialty protective Coatings
  • Polibrid 705-E
  • Epoxy floor coatings
  • Slip resistant coatings
  • Polished concrete floors
  • Latest range from Parchem
  • Floor repairs and restoration
  • Specialty concrete protective coatings for the waste water market
  • Specialty protective coatings for steel
Concrete repairs
  • Building facades
  • Infrastructure assets, dams, bridges, water towers etc
  • Floors and loading docks
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Approved Sarnafil applicator
  • Retaining walls
  • Commercial building roofs, garden areas
  • Water tanks, concrete structures
  • Floors
heritage restoration
  • Render repairs
  • Masonry washes and coatings
  • Re-pointing of stone work
PPCP Accredited Lead-based Paint removal
  • Red lead paint removal
  • Heavy coating removal
Specialty protective coatings to the oil and gas industry
  • Protal 7200 high build world class epoxy coating
  • 3M range of coatings to the oil and gas industry
  • International paint coatings to the oil and gas industry

Swart & Sons offer a wide range of services across the construction industry from the smallest to the largest projects. As they say, no job is too big... or too small!


Swart & Sons work in a wide range of industries for a range of local, national and multinational clients. Click the photo to see how we can help you, whatever industry you are in.

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They say you're only as good as your last job. Thankfully every job we do for every one of our clients is the best job we've ever done. See some of our past work here.  


At Swart & Sons we only use premium products from world-renowned manufacturers. Not only do we use these products, we also make them available on a supply-only basis. 

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