Fire boards

Fire rated boards can be applied to building elements such as structural steel, metal clad walls, timber floors, and concrete floors and walls.

promasil-1100 super

ISOLATEK Type II is an inorganic, cement-based material for spraying on structural steel and concrete. It is the only low-density product that can be exposed to the elements during construction and no priming is needed on surfaces, lowering costs for installation. The product has been tested extensively for fire resistance and is rated up to 4 hours for fire protection.As well as its fire resistance properties, Isolatek Type II provides thermal and acoustic benefits. It reduces heat loss and is efficient in sound absorption, adding value to protected areas where high noise levels are anticipated.

Isolatek Type II
Isolatek Type 300

Isolatek Type 300 is gypsum based, fire protection spray that has been extensively tested for fire resistance and is rated for up to four hours for floor assemblies, beams, joists, columns, and roof assemblies.

The mixture is the most cost effective of its class requiring less material to achieve required fire ratings and offers the best fire resistance performance per unit thickness and can be sprayed directly on to raw steel cutting out the cost of priming.

Isolatek has a delayed set time to allow the mixture to stay in the pipelines for up to four days, reducing start up times, breaks in production and wash out at the end of the day.

Isolatek Type 300
Isolatek Type 400

ISOLATEK Type 400 is a cement based, wet mix, medium density spray-applied material that provides fire protection to beams, joists, columns, floor and roof assemblies in commercial and high-rise construction.

It is extremely durable making it ideal for applications in high traffic areas where impact is expected and is suitable for semi exposed areas. Isolatek Type 400 is great value, with no need for priming, great productivity, thermal qualities and offering the best fire resistance per unit thickness of any medium density Spray.

Isolatek Type 400
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