Nullifire SC803

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Nullifire SC803 Waterborne Intumescent Basecoat is a water based, white, thin film coating that can be used on internal structural steel to C1 and C2 environments.

The coating can then be top coated with a suitable topcoat for decorative and durability purposes. This unique structural steel fire protection solution is smooth and robust and provides the ideal surface profile for the application of a variety of architectural or high performance top seals, ideal for ‘exposed to view' steelwork.

SC803 has been developed to give optimised loadings for 60 minutes of fire resistance with structural adequacy up to 90 minutes on specific applications.

As the newest form of structural fire protection for steel, Nullifire Thin-film intumescent has a number of advantages over other more traditional methods.

  • Smooth decorative appearance which can be easily top coated with a variety of finishes and colour options that are suitable
  • The hard film resists damage
  • No top seal is required in non-decorative, internal applications
  • Market leading loadings
  • Thin film intumescent is significantly lighter than other more traditional methods such as vermiculite or concrete encasement - This reduces the amount of structural steel required in structures
  • Ultra low VOC (water based), low odour
  • Supplied, ready to use
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Nullifire SC803 fire test certificate and loading tables for I-section beams


Nullifire SC803 Intumescent Coating Specification


Nullifire SC803 Repair & Maintenance Guide


Nullifire SC803 safety data sheet


SC803 technical data sheet


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