March 2013 saw a new era at Swart & Sons when we introduced the revolutionary FyreWrap from the USA.

FyreWrap is an environmentally-friendly alternative to spray with no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), no ODP (O-zone Depleting Potential) and no chemical blowing agents and is approved by the Green Building Council and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

FyreWrap is quicker to apply, with no mess, it's factory-made with tight manufacturing guidelines that gives confidence to the user and certifies the product will work in a fire.

The cost is more than Vermiculite however, with today's increasing onsite OHS requirements and builders increasingly short programmes for building, the product is cheaper to use overall for most projects.

Other trades can work right next to us as we install the product and we have no need to set up expensive plastic protection of surrounding areas.

fyrewrap tds data sheet
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