Concrete Repairs, Ardrossan

The problem

Viterra staff noticed major issues with the walling system including deformation of the walling system with associated rotation in steel girts. Cracking was also evident in concrete plinths.

The solution 

Each plinth was individually assessed to determine the type of repair required. Once the level of deterioration was established, repairs were carried out to each plinth requiring remediation. 

The result 

Cracking in the plinths and walls was rectified using the appropriate techniques and materials; from initial cutting around the cracks and grinding rust from steel, to placement of the appropriate primer and repair materials. 

Project details:
The project scope 

Before works commenced a detailed Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) was completed for each process to be undertaken on the project. Not only did this ensure work was conducted with ‘safety first’ in mind, it also detailed a step-by-step process of how the project would be completed. Workers reviewed the SWMS and signed to acknowledge their understanding of all work to be carried out on the project. To ensure conformity to the Viterra specification, as each plinth was repaired, photographs were taken showing the plinth number and repairs carried out. 

Quality control 

Prior to works commencing Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) were completed documenting each step of the work to be performed. The ITP was signed at the end of each work stage before the next stage of works commenced. 

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