Swart & Sons offer a wide range of services to the construction industry with a broad range of expertise available from our complement of trained engineers and tradespeople. Whatever your requirements are we have people with the skills and experience to ensure the job is done to the highest possible standards with the minimum amount of disruption.

Passive fire protection

Passive fire protection is Swart & Sons primary area of expertise.

We are one of South Australia's - if not Australia's - foremost experts in passive fire protection, having completed a number of very significant projects including the new Calvary Adelaide Hospital, the restoration of Her Majesty's Theatre and the AFL Max sporting complex.

We are South Australian distributors for a number of class-leading products, like Trafalgar's FyreBOX system for allowing multiple services to pass through fire-proof barriers without compromising the integrity of the barrier.

We have also developed Australia's most comprehensive system for the inspection and certification of fireproof penetrations - Certifire. See the Certifire banner at the bottom of the page for more details.

Intumescent paint coatings

We are one of Australia's foremost experts in the specification and application of intumescent coating systems with an unsurpassed knowledge of products and applications.

Vermiculite coatings

Swart & Sons have a well-established track record with the use of vermiculite sprays. For cost-effective passive fire protection with high FRLs vermiculite is hard to beat.

Fireproof penetrations

Swart & Sons have a healthy ongoing relationship Trafalgar products that makes us well-placed to recommend and install the highly successful Fyrebox range of products.

Fire-rated ducts

Utilising products like Fyrewrap or spray-on coatings like Promat P300 we can ensure your ductwork will receive the highest degree of protection from fire available.

Other services

Whilst passive fire protection is one of Swart & Sons primary areas of expertise it's not the only one.

We also offer a wide range of other services related to the maintenance and protection of your assets. We have a number of highly-qualified tradespeople covering a wide range of skillsets. All work is carried out in a safe, controlled manner with a minimal impact to your ongoing operations... and the end result is always of the highest quality and reliability.

Concrete repairs

Swart & Sons offer a range of services aimed at maintaining the integrity of concrete structures including protective coatings, epoxy injection and slabjacking.


Swart & Sons offer a variety of methods to ensure a structure is waterproof including several types of membranes and the injection of water-reactive polyurethanes.

Heritage restoration

Given that our founding business was solid plastering, going back over 60 years, we are well versed in the skills and techniques required for expertly executed restorations.

Floor treatments

We can eliminate dust and detritus produced by the gradual disintegration of concrete surfaces by applying solvent-based acrylic floor sealers.

Water seepage control

Water seepage control applications include the sealing of ultra fine joints and movement cracks, sealing against high water flow, pipeline repairs.

Industrial grouting

We are Australia's most experienced pressure grouting contractors with six grout pumps, from small single phase to trailer-mounted Putzmeister Sp11 pumps.

Abrasive blasting

Swart & Sons are equipped with the latest tools for abrasive blasting and - more importantly - the skill and expertise to use them effectively and efficiently, to prepare a surface for re-coating and many more years of useful life.

Let Certifire put you in charge of your fireproof penetration data

Swart & Sons specialise in the installation, inspection and certification of fireproof penetrations... so you know they are 100% compliant. Our proprietary certification system - Certifire - allows us to record the results of our inspection onsite using mobile devices. Those results are immediately uploaded to our central database where they can be accessed by anybody with the appropriate authorisation.

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