Passive fire protection

air apartments
Calvary Hospital adelaide

Working on the new Calvary Hospital, we constructed fireproof penetrations for Downer, BSA, Decon Technologies and Statewide Pools.

Every penetration was catalogued, labelled and photographed and is being uploaded to Certifire - an app designed to create a new benchmark for fire safety inspections and maintenance.

Adelaide Sky City Casino
Her Majesty's Theatre

Hansen Yunken, Dulwich, South Australia

This was a very important job for us, upgrading and restoring the face of a much-loved, inner city icon. The job involved fireproofing the steel frame using Cafco 300, a vermiculite based material giving a two hour fire resistance level.

Liberty Towers Glenelg

Ahrens, Kingsford, South Australia

This job involved fireproofing the main beams using Isoletek 300 vermiculite fire spray to a fire resistance level of 30 minutes. Work had to be carried out to a strict timeline with only a small window available for us to undertake the work. The work was completed to this timeline to the satisfaction of the client.

Liberty Towers Glenelg
McAuley Community School

Mossop Construction + Interiors, Hindmarsh, South Australia

In March 2019 Swart & Sons carried out fireproofing of the internal exposed beams for the McAuley Community School using intumescent fire paint that was colour matched to the existing specification for the columns.

Fireproof board and vermiculite has been used in other areas with varying fire ratings. The McAuley Community School was a green star project so strict environmental controls needed to be adhered to.

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