Concrete repairs

Building Maintenance

Repairs and patching to cement rendered walls can be undertaken.

Coatings and Protection for Concrete Structures

Concrete structures can degrade through chloride ingress (salt) or carbonation attack (CO2).  If not treated this can lead to 'concrete cancer'.

Swart and Sons can coat concrete structures with Silane Siloxane penetrating sealants and carbonation coatings.  In both instances the coatings prevent the entry of the contaminants into the concrete.

Epoxy Injection

Structural cracks in load bearing structures can cause problems in the long term.  Swart and Sons can inject low viscosity epoxy resins into the cracks in order to create a structural repair using inflatable balloons.


Concrete floor slabs can deflect (drop) where the sub fill under the floor is, for example, washed away.  We can pump cementitious grouts under pressure into the void under the slab in order to lift the slab back to its original level.

Concrete Repair

Concrete cancer occurs when steel reinforcement expands inside the concrete due to the entry of contaminants.  Swart and Sons remove the affected concrete and treat the steel with cold galvanising zinc paint. Sow cuts are then placed into the concrete and a non-shrink high strength repair mortar is pumped or sprayed into position to create a structural repair.

Concrete fence post before repairs
Concrete fence post after repairs
Wild Dog Valley Road Bridge
In April 2020, we were contracted by a local council in the south-east of South Australia to carry out cleaning, surface preparation and application of protective coatings to concrete and steel components of a road bridge. Upon completion of the initial water blast, all steel handrails on the bridge were sanded by hand and the concrete posts and plinths were ground back to a clean surface to remove all contaminants. Finally, protective coatings were applied - a two-component coating system of primer and topcoat.
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Concrete Repairs, Ardrossan 
Swart & Sons were contracted by Viterra in August 2018 to carry out structural concrete crack repairs to more than seventy concrete plinths at their Ardrossan property. Whilst undertaking repairs on site, we were requested to carry out additional repair works on concrete nib walls. All works were carried out in accordance with a specification provided by Viterra. 
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