Water seepage control

Swart & Sons are Adelaide's leading water seepage control company.

We have completed many successful projects - Adelaide Desalination project, several water storage tanks for SA Water, United Water, Heysen Tunnels for DTEI, Liberty Towers and Brougham Place for Baulderstone.

Water seepage control applications include the sealing of ultra fine joints and movement cracks, sealing against high water flow, pipeline repairs. Sealing against water in masonry, brickwork, precast panel joints, cable entries and pipe ducts.

tampur 120

TamPur 120 is based on a polyol component (part A) and a polymeric MDI (part B).

When mixed, hydrophobic polyurethane is formed which is tough, rigid and resistant to a wide range of chemicals. TamPur 120 reacts rapidly enabling the product to cut off large water leaks.

tampur 120 technical data sheet
Tampur 130

TamPur 130 is a single-shot hydrophobic polyurethane based on MDI in combination with polyether polyols and an amine based catalyst. The system only reacts when it comes into contact with water, producing a semi-flexible polyurethane foam.

Typical applications are:

  • Water ingress sealing
  • Rapid sealing of joints and cracks in Masonry and brickwork
  • Void filling and back grouting
tampur 130 technical data sheet
Tampur 150

TamPur 150 is a singe component hydrophilic polyurethane in combination with polyether polyols. It only reacts when it comes in contact with water and it then forms a flexible polyurethane seal.

tampur 150 technical data sheet
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