air apartments
Festival theatre, Adelaide

The waterproofing element was conducted for Badge. We used Sikalastic a one-component waterborne liquid product that was applied to create an eco-friendly waterproof membrane that is highly elastic and UV-resistant. This was a challenging job due to the slope of the roofline and materials and equipment had to be carried up by hand.

Adelaide Sky City Casino
Heysen Tunnel maintenance, DPTI

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, Adelaide, South Australia

Since 2007 we have carried out many concrete crack injection repairs for the Department of Planning,Transport and Infrastructure.

Due to the nature of the tunnels, regular maintenance needs to conducted every six months; generally overnight when the tunnels can be closed to traffic.

Liberty Towers Glenelg
Liberty Towers Glenelg

Lendlease (formally Baulderstone), Adelaide, South Australia

This job involved the waterproofing of the building's foundation pilling. The waterproofing of the joints between the continuous piling around the external perimeter involved the injection of a water reactive polyurethane gel at very high pressures (2,500 psi). The piles in the car park area extended from ground level to over floor levels down into the ground.

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