Environmental policy

Swart & Sons Pty Ltd (Swart) will act in a responsible manner to protect the environment we work in and will continually improve our environmental performance, prevent pollution plus minimise and control our waste.  This objective will be realised and maintained through application of the following principles:

  • Plan and conduct all operations to comply with, as a minimum, all relevant Environmental Protection legislation and regulations
  • Meet the principles of AS / NZS ISO 14001 and act with due diligence for environmental protection and improvement
  • Regularly review and update our Environmental Management System
  • Carry out activities in such a manner that gives due consideration to the environment and the health and wellbeing of those impacted by our work
  • Review new developments with the aim of reducing our environmental impact
  • Cooperate with clients and relevant authorities to meet statutory and contractual requirements
  • Ensure that materials used are transported, stored, used and disposed of in such a way that does not negatively impact the environment
  • Consider the environment in which we work to ensure there is no damage to local flora, fauna, cultural and/or heritage sites
  • Consult with local communities where the nature of our work may impact on the quality of air, soil or water, or where noise levels might create a nuisance

The successful application of AS / NZS 14001 principles will ensure that the quality of services satisfies all of the measurement parameters.

Mark O'Brien

Managing Director

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