Frequently asked questions

What do Swart & Sons do?

Swart and Sons provides services to the areas of fire protection, concrete repair, specialty coatings, waterproofing, solid plastering and epoxy flooring.

Our staff are fully trained and experienced in the installation of:

Passive Fire Safety Systems

· Virmiculte fire spray to structural steel or ductwork

· International Interchar 963, Interchar 973, and Interchar 212

· Cafco WB3 intumescent coating

· Fire seals to service penetrations

· Testing and tagging fire doors and extinguishers

· Passive fire protection audits

Concrete Services

· Jointing, anti carbination coatings.

· Epoxy floor resins, anti slip coatings

· Concrete cancer repairs

· Asset protection plans

· Specialty protective coatings for steel and concrete surfaces

· Self leveling floors

· Grit blasting

· High pressure water blasting

· Line marking

Waterproofing Services

· Bitumous and acrylic type membranes

· Torch on membranes

· Sika Sarnafil membranes

· Specialty polyurethane injection products for water seepage control

· Fire dampers and light weight construction

Where do Swart & Sons operate?

Swart and Sons office is located in Adelaide. We regularly travel to mine sites throughout Australia and we will travel anywhere in Australia if the project warrants it, and we will use local partners if this contributes to lower costs or shorter completion times.

What is an FRL?

FRL is the technical description of the level of fire protection of a particular structure, sometimes referred to as the ‘fire rating'. An FRL gives a specific measure for an item, and it should always be quoted rather than using a simple generalisation.

The FRL of member or structure is summarized as a series of three numbers representing the nominal grading period in minutes, assessed by subjecting a sample to a fire test according to AS 1530.4. These numbers indicate, from left to right, the item's structural adequacy, integrity, and insulation rating:

1. Structural Adequacy is a measure of the length of time before the test item fails under load.

2. Integrity is a measure of the temperature at which cracks or openings appear in the test item that permit the escape of hot flames or gases.

3. Insulation is the measure of the time taken for the temperature on the side of the test item not exposed to fire to rise above the stated specified under AS1530.4.

An example of this would be a typical ‘ 2 hour fired duct' which will have an actual FRL of / / .

What is passive fire protection?

Passive fire protection is a generic term that is used to describe the protection of steel, wood and building structures using processes that does not require power or water to operate. Swart and Sons installs many categories of passive fire protection products, including fire doors, fire dampers, fire seals, protection of ducts with fire spray, protection of steel beams and columns with fire spray, intumescent paint, and fire boards.

What is a "Fire Safety Certificate"?

A Fire Safety Certificate has to be presented before an Occupation Certificate can be secured. It confirms that each of the essential fire safety measures specified in the Fire Safety Schedule listed in the fire safety schedule have been installed in the building or its surroundings and that these measures meet the performance standards listed in the Fire Safety Schedule.

Swart and Sons provides a Fire Safety Certificate covering the work it has carried out.

Does Swart & Sons provide a "Form Two"?

Swart and Sons provides a Form Two for all work completed in accordance with the performance and specification at the time of installation of the products used. This Form Two is released when payment for the completed work is received.

What is an "Annual Fire Safety Statement"?

Annual Fire Safety Statements certify that all of the essential fire safety measures installed in the building or on the surrounding land have been assessed by an appropriately qualified person and that this assessment confirmed that these measures were capable of performing to the standard specified in the most recent Fire Safety Schedule. An Annual Fire Safety Certificate is required every twelve months after the original safety certificate is issued.

Does the vermiculite spray we use contain asbestos?

Swart and Sons only uses fire sprays that do not contain asbestos. Some of the the older fire sprays contained asbestos but the modern day fire sprays used by Swart and Sons do not contain asbestos.

How big is Swart & Sons?

We are a rapidly-growing company with approximately 30 people working out of our Adelaide base. In addition, we  employ subcontractors, as required, to ensure that we have enough resources available for the wide range of projects we undertake.

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