Heritage-listed Albert Bridge, Adelaide

The problem 

This state-heritage listed bridge required extensive remediation to restore it to its original state.

Detailed specifications were put together by council which had to be strictly adhered to in order to maintain the bridge’s heritage listing.

The solution 

By carefully reading the tender request with its detailed architectural/painting specifications, we had a thorough understanding of the work required to remediate the bridge.

We submitted our solution to council and were duly selected to carry out the work. 

The result 

Upon being awarded the project, inspection and test plans were documented in line with the specifications and our solution.

All work was carried out and signed-off by Swart and the council as conforming to the specification.

Project details:
The project scope

The project required a wide  range of specialised skills:

Access and containment

A cantilevered scaffold was suspended from the bridge to access the work area and create a work platform, whilst still allowing access for road users during the work.  

One side of the bridge was completed prior to the scaffold being relocated to the other side. 

The scaffold was lined and contained to capture debris and protect the River Torrens and parklands below. 

Work in progress inside the containment; cleaning and surface preparation to prepare metalwork for application of new coatings
Bridge metalwork hand-painted in heritage colours as detailed in the painting specification  
Restoration of the City of Adelaide Council’s coat of arms on the southern side of the bridge

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