Lewis Bandt Bridge, Geelong

The problem 

After only six years, the top coat on the bridge’s metalwork had started to detach and fail. The river below the bridge needed to be protected from debris entering the river system. 

The solution 

To ensure that no debris entered the river, our workers conducted all stages of the work, from initial washing and sanding, to the final paint coat using hand tools only. 

The result 

No debris from the works entered the river system and the metalwork on the bridge has been protected for many years to come, using a state-of-the-art, high-tech protective coating system. 

Project details:
The project scope 

The entirety of the bridge metalwork was cleaned - by hand - using nothing more than water and scouring pads to ensure there was no adverse environmental impact. Where areas of corrosion were found, treatment was carried out to repair the corrosion. These areas were subject to spot removal of the corrosion using mechanical abrasion and the application of a zinc-filled primer. Once the primer had been applied and cured, two further coats (intermediate and final) were applied, via brush or roller, to the entirety of the metalwork we were contracted to remediate. A start-of-the art, high-tech protective coating system from an industry leader in advanced coatings technology was used. Selected from their line of high-performance industrial maintenance coatings, the chosen products provided exceptional levels of corrosion protection and all products met or exceeded current industry VOC standards. 

Quality control 

Daily coating inspections were completed by our on-site supervisor during the course of the works to ensure correct conditions before any coatings were applied. Once coatings had been applied the wet film thickness (WFT) was checked to ensure conformity with the product specifications. 

Metalwork on the outbound lane of the bridge showing signs of deterioration
Metalwork cleaned and, where required, spot treated and primed, in preparation for the protective coating
Workers applying the final coat to the bridge metalwork

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