Pedestrian Bridge Painting, Mount Waverley

The problem 

 VicRoads undertook an inspection of the bridge in 2016 and determined that parts of the bridge had severely corroded and were in need of repair. Due to the complexity of the project the work was deferred until 2019. 

The solution 

Prior to tendering the project we carried out a detailed site inspection to ensure we understood the scope of the work required and how to best remediate the bridge to VicRoads specification. 

The result 

The bridge was pressure washed to remove all surface contaminants and, where required, areas were treated by hand to remove all corrosion. A three-part protective coating system was then applied.

Project details:
The project scope 

Before commencing the project the scope of works provided by VicRoads was read and understood by the Project Supervisor and the information disseminated to workers and contractors on the project. Before Swart & Sons workers commenced any work on the bridge, scaffolding was erected and a traffic management plan implemented. All works to the walkway and underside of the bridge were then undertaken in accordance with the VicRoads specification, including the application of a three-part, zinc-rich protective coating system once the bridge had been cleaned and all corrosion removed. At all times access to the bridge was maintained for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair acces . 

Managing contractors 

As this project was carried out on a bridge over a roadway, we engaged specialised contractors to carry out traffic management and scaffolding. Before engaging contractors we ensured they had a thorough understanding of the necessary work and all client requirements to be adhered to. 

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