Regency Road to Pym Street (R2P) Project

The problem 

This project presented many challenges, including working next to an active roadway, working at night, working both on and under bridges and walkways as well as working near mobile plant operated by others.

The solution 

Before any work commenced detailed risk assessments were carried out to ensure all safety and environmental considerations were taken into account.

The result 

All controls documented in the risk assessments were put in place and adhered to by all.  

We are pleased to report that no safety or environmental incidents occurred for any of the work carried out by Swart. 

Project details:
The project scope

Works began off-site, in August 2020, with preparation and application of anti-carbonation/anti-graffiti coating to concrete panels which were later transported and installed on site.  

We mobilised to the roadway in October 2020.

During the project we:

Quality assurance testing

The scope of this project necessitated substantial QA records be kept -  environmental conditions, surface profiles, moisture content  and coating thickness readings to name a few.  

On completion detailed reports were provided evidencing compliance with all client and technical specifications.   

Concrete panels on the left cleaned, moisture tested and ready for coating; panel on the right coated with WFT testing being carried out
Application of three-component protective coating system to steelwork under Regency Road overbridge (deck diaphragm, weld and splice plates) 
Preparing concrete piers for application of anti-carbonation/anti-graffiti coating under the work previously carried out on the Regency Road overbridge 

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