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Steel exposed to the elements was showing signs of rusting and deterioration. If not acted upon quickly, this rusting could result in damage to the structure which would impact the business and its key stakeholders.


The property was inspected by Swart to determine the extent of work required. We consulted with SCT Logistics and AkzoNobel - the manufacturer of the chosen coating, Interplus 1180 - to determine the best way to protect the steel from further degradation.


Surfaces to be coated were cleaned, rust was removed and other surfaces sanded to create the correct profile for the coating.Once surfaces were correctly prepared, the coating was applied to prevent any further damage to the steel.

The project scope

Following our initial site inspection we advised SCT Logistics on what we believed to be the best, and most cost-effective, method of carrying out this work. SCT Logistics reviewed our proposal and agreed this was the best way forward.

We commenced on site carrying out the initial high pressure clean to remove surface contaminants. Rusted areas of steel were then cleaned to level SP3 and all other areas were sanded to create the correct profile for the adhesion of coatings.

Before any coatings were applied surfaces were inspected to ensure the profile was appropriate for the specified epoxy coating - AkzoNobel’s Interplus 1180. The coating was applied in two coats to the achieve the required thickness.

On completion DFT testing was conducted to confirm the required thickness was achieved. QA records were submitted to SCT Logistics at the end of the project.

Working around client operations

This project was carried out at a fully operational logistics depot; all work needed to be carried out with minimal disruption to the day-to-day operations of the depot. Before starting each day we consulted with the client to ensure our work would not impact on that day’s scheduled operations. All work was carried out in the agreed timeframe, without any disruptions to SCT Logistics’ operations.

The treated steel, showing its condition before and after cleaning and rust removal

Painting in progress using a roller to ensure that surfaces and workers below were not subject to any product overspray

Trusses and beams following application of two coats of epoxy coating to a combined DFT of not less than 200µm

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