Wild Dog Valley Road Bridge

The problem 

This work was carried out during late autumn, when temperatures were cooling down and rain was forecast. The newly-applied coatings needed to be protected from the elements whilst curing, to ensure the coatings adhered correctly to the surfaces.

The solution

To ensure coatings cured correctly the handrails, posts and plinths were protected by covering them with sheets of heavy duty polythene which were fastened on each side of the bridge to secure it from moving. 

The result

The coatings were protected from any moisture penetrating the surfaces and cured as required in the product technical data sheets. The steel and concrete components of the bridge will be protected from the elements for many years to come.

Project details:
The project scope 

As there was no documented specification for this project, the Swart Managing Director conducted an inspection with the client representative to determine the extent, and scope of works required on this bridge. Following this inspection a suggeted scope of works was forwarded to the client which was accepted without variance as the best method to achieve the required outcome for Council. The scope of works then became the basis of the methodology and the safe work method statement. All works were completed on time and on budget without incident. On completion of the project a final report was provided to Council containing all quality assurance records and photographic evidence of each stage of the work.

Traffic management

Prior to the project commencing, a traffic management plan was developed which was implemented by the Swart supervisor on the project. Temporary traffic lights were installed on the north and south approaches to the bridge whilst a trained and licenced Swart traffic control worker was stationed at the third approach to the bridge to control traffic.

Steel handrails being sanded subsequent to water blast to ensure the correct profile for application of coatings

Workers applying final coat of UV‑resistant, anti-carbonation acrylic coating

Heavy duty polythene in place to protect coatings from moisture whilst curing

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