Zinga film galvanising system

Every year corrosion is costing billions to industry. This corrosion doesn’t merely make the assets appear neglected. More importantly, it causes structural instability and consequently poses a serious safety hazard. It also causes severe disruption of the production process and profitability.

Zinga differentiates from other anti-corrosion methods in combining both Passive and Active protection in an easily applied film galvanising system that not only delivers active cathodic protection but also provides a passive physical shield.

Zinga is a one component film galvanising system containing 96% zinc (dust) in its dry film. It is a metallic coating and not a paint. The purity of the zinc used, is so high that dry Zinga does not contain any toxic elements.

Active and passive protection

Active galvanic protection

The zinc in Zinga (anode) sacrifices itself, protecting the steel beneath in a comparable and even better way than hot-dip galvanising. Upon impact, the electron flow resulting from a potential difference between the Zinc and steel will prevent the steel from corroding.

Passive barrier protection

As Zinga oxidises, a layer of zinc salts slowly builds up on the Zinga surface, closing the film and enhancing the barrier effect of the coating.

Next to this a supplementary barrier protection is provided by the binder in Zinga.

The binder reduces the depletion of the zinc, providing a long-lasting, active protection.

How Zinga is applied

Once thoroughly mixed, Zinga can be applied by using a normal paintbrush, a short-fibre roller (not for the first coat), or a conventional or airless spray-gun.

Zinga can be applied in a wide variety of weather conditions.

Zinga reloading

Another of Zinga's unique characteristics is its ability to re-liquidise when a new coat of Zinga is applied onto an existing Zinga layer to form a single homogeneous layer.

This ensures a massive cost saving in ongoing maintenance because the old Zinga layer does not need to be removed before re-coating with a new Zinga layer (any contaminants need to be removed before re-coating though).

Independent test results

Over the last 30 years Zinga has undergone numerous testing at different certified laboratories all over the world.

All testing was according to local and international standards.

The most important include:

·      ISO 12944: ZINGA. 2 x 90 μm DFT - C5 I/M High

·      NORSOK M-501- syst. 1 and 7: ZINGA. 2 x 60 μm DFT – passed

·      ASTM B-117 (Salt spray): ZINGA. 2 x 90 μm DFT - over 4200 hours passed

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