Work health & safety policy

Swart & Sons Pty Ltd (Swart) is committed to Work Health and Safety (WHS) as an essential element within our business. This WHS Policy, and the associated procedures, are a key part of the drive for quality outcomes throughout our organisation.

This commitment to WHS is demonstrated through:

  • Compliance with statutory requirements, Codes of Practice, Australian Standards, Acts and Regulations
  • Establishing objectives and targets with the aim of eliminating work related incidents in relation to the products and services we provide
  • Defining roles and responsibilities in relation to WHS

The strategies to be employed include:

  • Ensuring that WHS management principles are included in all organisational planning
  • Implementing a structured WHS planning process which is based on documented procedures, instructions and documentation
  • Providing ongoing education and training to all employees
  • Consulting with employees and other parties to improve WHS outcomes
  • Ensuring that incidents, including near misses, are thoroughly investigated and that procedures are reviewed accordingly to prevent recurrence
  • Distributing WHS information, including this Policy, to all employees and interested parties
  • Providing sufficient resources to ensure that WHS management is fully communicated, enacted and complied with across the organisation

Mark O'Brien

Managing Director

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