Passive fire protection

Passive fire protection is one of Swart & Sons primary areas of expertise.

We are one of South Australia's - if not Australia's - foremost experts in passive fire protection, having completed a number of very significant projects including the new Calvary Adelaide Hospital, the Her Majesty's Theatre restoration and the new AFL Max sporting complex.

We are South Australian distributors for a number of class-leading products, like Trafalgar's Firebox system for allowing multiple services to pass through fire-proof barriers without compromising the integrity of the barrier.

We have also developed Australia's most comprehensive system for the inspection and certification of fireproof penetrations - Certifire. See the Certifire banner below for more details and a link to the Certifire website.

fireproof penetrations

Swart & Sons can ensure that floor and wall penetrations are fireproof by a variety of means, primarily with products like Trafalgar's Fyrebox or by using a combination of fireproof boards, wraps and sealants.

fire rating power cables

Using a lightweight coating like Cafco we can ensure that power cables are compliant with all relevant fire standards.

Let Certifire put you in charge of your fireproof penetration data

At Swart & Sons we live and breathe fire safety. We specialise in not just the installation of fireproof penetrations but the inspection and certification of them... so you know your penetrations are 100% compliant.

We’ve even developed our own proprietary certification system - Certifire - that allows us to record the results of our inspection onsite using mobile devices. 

Those results are immediately uploaded to our central database where they can be accessed by anybody with the appropriate authorisation on their own mobile device or desktop computer - immediately or twelve months down the track - with just a few mouse clicks.

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