Dulux Firetex FX5090

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Dulux® FIRETEX® FX5090 is a water based intumescent coating for fire protection of interior structural steel, rated to provide up to 120 minutes of cellulosic fire protection.


  • Suitable for on-site application
  • Low VOC, low odour application
  • Suitable for use in C1-C2 environments
  • Potable water used as thinning agent


  • Provides fire protection for up to 120 minutes
  • Waterbased, low VOC
  • Compatible with a range of Dulux Protective Coatings topcoats and primers
  • Smooth finish
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Safety data sheet

Dulux Firetex FX5090 safety data sheet

Technical data sheet

Dulux Firetex FX5090 product data sheet

Application guide

Dulux Firetex FX5090 application guide

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