Zinga film galvanising system

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ZINGA is a liquid zinc galvanising system that provides active cathodic and galvanic protection to steel surfaces.

ZINGA has unique properties that in combination differentiate our product from any others on the market:

  • Rejuvenable – our reversible binder allows for re-coats with minimal surface preparation
  • Ease of application – in most environments hot and humid (up to 95% relative humidity) and cold and damp - due to the moisture tolerance of the product
  • No shelf life – will never expire
  • 20-year warranty – backed by a third-party insurer

With initial cost savings due to the unique one pack system and ease of application coupled with the infinite rejuvenation over the complete lifespan of an asset, the ZINGA product offers supreme benefits for asset owners all over Australia.

With over 20 years’ experience in the Australian market and a large portfolio of satisfied customers Zinga is fast becoming the weapon of choice for the fight against corrosion.

Zinga is an unmodified 96% zinc coating that can be brushed, sprayed or rolled on either as a primer or single coat system for ferrous metals, including rust-damaged and galvanised metal.

Zinga differentiates itself from other anti-corrosion methods by offering a combination of both passive and active protection:

  • The zinc provides active, cathodic protection through galvanic sacrifice.
  • The barrier provided by both the zinc oxides and the binder ensures a passive protection.

The Zinga Film Galvanising System is a one-pack coating that contains 96% zinc in the dry film and provides cathodic protection of ferrous metals.

Zinga is a unique system used as an alternative to hot-dip galvanisation or metallisation, as primer in a duplex system (active plus passive) or as a recharging system for hot-dip galvanisation, metallisation or zinganised surfaces.

It can be applied by brushing, rolling or spraying on a clean and rough substrate in a wide range of atmospheric circumstances.

Zinga is also available as an aerosol, sold as Zingaspray.

ZINGA - The Ultimate Corrosion Solution


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