Cafco 300 vermiculite gypsum-based wet mix spray

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Cafco 300 is an Australian made product for internal use and may be applied with a trowel or spray application.

It is lightweight coating providing very efficient fire resistance while adding minimal thickness to steel or concrete frames, metal floor and roof decks, and return air plenums.

Designed primarily for structural steel coating on elements like columns, beams and wall brackets in commercial buildings.

SA Power Network cables before Cafco application
SA Power Network cables during Cafco application
SA Power Network cables after Cafco application

Cafco 300 benefits

  • Economical - high yield – low density
  • No primer required on steel
  • Low material cost, efficient thicknesses.
  • 0% ozone depleting raw materials.
  • Monolithic coating
  • Most widely specified
  • Compatible with most primers
  • Direct spray application
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Cafco 300 safety data sheet


Cafco 300 product brochure


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