Promat Durasteel

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Durasteel is a composite board  with a fibre reinforced cement core and outer facings of 0.5mm perforated, galvanised steel, mechanically bonded to each surface of the core. Other steel finishes such as stainless steel are also available for use where greater resistance to corrosion is required.

Durasteel combines lightness, strength, impact resistance and durability with exceptional fire resistance.

Systems incorporating Durasteel are resistant to firefighter hoses leaving the board capable of performing its function should fire services withdraw before a fire is extinguished.

Durasteel systems have been used successfully for many years, including rail and metro projects, military facilities and in commercial, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants.

Durateel properties and advantages

  • High mechanical strength
  • Impact and shock proof
  • Resistant to water and frost, suited for outdoor use
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Large-size and thin boards
  • Load-bearing
  • Non-combustible
  • Non-scratch surface

Durasteel applications

  • Durasteel boards are mainly used in the steel and non-ferrous industry as heat shields against cyclic or permanent heat radiation, heat shields against metal splashes or sparks, mobile heat shields and for office walls close to heat sources
  • Flue gas ducts
  • Inner wall lining of fire stations
  • In the oil and gas industries as heat shields, blast and fire walls and for heavy duty enclosures

Durasteel is manufactured by Promat - a highly respected company with a large number of passive fire protection products in its range. It is available in two thicknesses - 6mm and 9.5mm. Both thickness offer long term protection up to 400˚C and short term up to 1,000˚C.

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Technical manual

Promat Durasteel technical manual - partitions

Technical manual

Promat Durasteel technical manual - ceilings

Technical manual

Promat Durasteel technical manual - E&M

Technical manual

Promat Durasteel technical manual - ducting

Technical manual

Promat Durasteel technical manual - blast doors

Data sheet

Promat Durasteel technical data sheet

Data sheet

Promat Durasteel product data sheet

Safety data sheet

Promat Durasteel safety data sheet

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