Isolatek are committed to be the global leader in advancing passive fire protection technology, providing our customers with a full range of passive fire protection materials for steel that provides superior thermal performance, unequaled durability and ease of installation. They support customers with unsurpassed technical expertise, complemented by an extensive global network of experienced recognised contractors and dedicated customer service.

They provide customers with the best life safety materials for steel that will save lives in the event of a fire, as well as protect their valuable assets.

Isolatek International was established in 1875 as a manufacturer of mineral wool and today is a global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of proprietary passive fire resistive materials for steel protecting commercial, industrial, petrochemical and tunnel projects.

Isolatek International is the trade name of United States Mineral Products Company.

Over a half century ago, Isolatek International introduced its first spray applied fireproofing material under the CAFCO brand name. Its focus was on meeting the needs of the commercial segment of the non-residential construction industry. In the '90s, Isolatek International broadened its product lines and developed and introduced SprayFilm water-based intumescent coatings, introduced CAFCO-BOARD Rigid Board and purchased certain assets from Mandoval Limited, which included FENDOLITE M-II Spray-Applied Fireproofing, positioning Isolatek International as the global leader in hydrocarbon fire protection. By the end of the decade, Isolatek International offered one of the broadest selections of fire protection materials providing architects with unique fire protection solutions and options to meet fire protection needs across all non-residential construction sectors.

Isolatek International has taken passive fireproofing technology to a new level with its global expansion supported by five licensee manufacturing operations outside the Americas which complement its five manufacturing operations in the Americas.

Today, Isolatek International markets its products under the CAFCO and FENDOLITE trademarks throughout the Americas and under the ISOLATEK trademark throughout the rest of the world.

Isolatek Type 300

Isolatek Type 300 is gypsum-based, fire protection spray that has been extensively tested for fire resistance and is rated for up to four hours for floor assemblies, beams, joists, columns, and roof assemblies.

Isolatek Type 400

The durable surface and Portland-cement-based formulation of Isolatek Type 400 make it well suited for application in areas which may be subjected to high levels of abuse and such as mechanical rooms, perimeter steel structures, and parking garages.

Isolatek Type II

Isolatek Type II is an inorganic, cement-based material for spraying on structural steel and concrete.
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