Isolatek Type 3000

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Isolatek Type 3000 (also known as Cafco 3000) is an ultra-high-strength, gypsum-based wet mix Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) designed to meet the current International Building Code (IBC) minimum bond strength of 1,000psf for buildings over 128 metres in height.

As a commercial density, high bond product, Isolatek Type 3000 provides superior fire resistive performance per unit thickness and is the most cost efficient solution for the fireproofing of high rise structures. This, combined with its ES (Extended Set) counterpart, makes Isolatek Type 3000 the most productive and economical SFRM for building heights in excess of 420 ft.

  • Meets IBC bond strength requirements for buildings over 128 metres in height.
  • Cost efficient – high yield.
  • Exceptional fire resistance performance per unit thickness.
  • Evaluated for fire resistance for up to 4 hours and classified by UL.
  • Isolatek Type 3000 ES (Extended Set) counterpart eliminates the need for daily wash-out and priming of pump and hoses, resulting in increased productivity.
Product uses

Designed to provide up to four hour ratings for various floor and roof deck assemblies, steel beams, columns, and joists in commercial high rise construction projects.

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Data sheet

Isolatek Type 3000 technical data sheet

Safety data sheet

Isolatek Type 3000 safety data sheet

Application guide

Isolatek Type 3000 application guide


Isolatek certificate of compliance

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