Isolatek Type 300 SB

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Isolatek Type 300 SB is a commercial density, wet mix Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) that is virtually identical to Isolatek Type 300, but is specifically designed to provide fire protection in retrofit commercial construction projects.

With its light green color and superior overall fire protection performance, Isolatek Type 300 SB is an easily-identified, cost-effective solution for spray-back fire protection to various floor and roof assemblies, steel beams, columns and joists.

  • Isolatek Type 300 SB provides all of the benefits of Isolatek Type 300, with the addition of an easily-identified light green tint to indicate its use in retrofit construction applications.
  • Meets or exceeds all major fire protection specifications for commercial structures including ANSI/UL 263, ASTM E119, CAN/ULC-S101.
  • Offers LEED building credits for recycled content.
  • Exceeds industry in-place physical performance standards.
Product uses

Designed to provide fire protection in retrofit applications for up to four hour ratings to various floor and roof deck assemblies, steel beams, columns, and joists in commercial construction projects.

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Data sheet

Isolatek Type 300 SB technical data sheet

Safety data sheet

Isolatek Type 300 SB safety data sheet

Application guide

Isolatek Type 300 SB application guide


Isolatek certificate of compliance

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