Isolatek Type CP-2

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Isolatek Type CP-2 is a durable Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) designed to provide fire resistance to structural steel, concrete and composite metal decks in internal and semi-exposed conditions for commercial construction projects.

Isolatek Type CP-2 is a factory controlled premix based on cement and vermiculite that is cost-effective and easy to apply.

Isolatek Type CP-2 benefits
  • Meets or exceeds all major fire protection specifications for commercial structures including BS476: Parts 20 & 21, EN1338-1: Parts 3 & 4 (Pending), ANSI/ UL 263, ASTM E119, and CAN/ULC-S101.
  • Provides up to 4 hour fire resistance ratings.
  • Proven material with over 20 years of use in the industry.
  • Offers exceptional fire resistance performance per unit thickness.
  • Exceptional adhesion properties ensure long term performance in environments where limited abuse and aesthetic exposure is anticipated.
  • The Portland cement- based formulation has proven its durability through the harshest of tests including blast overpressures of up to 1.88 atmospheres (2 bar) and subsequent fire exposure tests.
Isolatek Type CP-2 uses

Tests resulted in ratings for up to four hour fire resistance for steel beams, columns, concrete and composite floors.

The durable surface and Portland-cement-based formulation of Isolatek Type CP-2 make it well suited for application in areas which may be subjected to semi-exposed areas.

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Data sheet

Isolatek Type CP-2 technical data sheet

Application guide

Isolatek Type CP-2 application guide


Isolatek certificate of compliance

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