Isolatek Type HP

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Isolatek Type HP (also known as Cafco Blaze-Shield HP) is a medium density dry mix Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) designed to provide superior fire protection for structural steel where limited physical abuse or traffic may be anticipated.

It is an inorganic, environmentally friendly, Portland-cement-based formulation that provides superior fire resistance for structural steel and concrete in commercial construction environments.

This is the product of choice particularly when exposure to severe weather conditions during the construction phase is necessary or when application efficiency along with excellent thermal and acoustical insulation properties are desired. With all of these added benefits, it's wise to follow the advice of many of the worldwide customers, “Don’t just fire proof it. Blaze-Shield it.”

Isolatek Type HP is the only medium density product that is classified as “investigated for exterior use” by Underwriters Laboratories, thus allowing it to remain exposed to extreme weather conditions during the construction process.

Isolatek Type HP benefits
  • Part of the most widely specified dry spray family throughout the world for over forty years.
  • Meets or exceeds all major fire protection specifications for commercial structures including ANSI/ UL 263, ASTM E119, and CAN/ ULC-S101.
  • Provides up to four hour fire resistance ratings.
  • Exceptionally high recycled content (56% pre-consumer) and other environmentally friendly characteristics provide significant LEED credits.
  • Inorganic material formulation does not promote mold or fungal growth.
  • Portland cement-based formulation makes it suitable to remain exposed to a variety of extreme weather environments during construction, providing exceptional flexibility to sequencing and scheduling of projects.
  • Low pressure, pneumatic spray application equipment requires less manpower to operate.
  • High thermal and acoustical properties provide thermal insulation and acoustical control capabilities.
  • Worldwide manufacturing facilities ensure timely product availability.
Isolatek Type HP uses

Applied directly to decking, steel beams, columns or concrete surfaces for concealed commercial environments which may be exposed for prolonged periods of time during the construction cycle.

Ideal for use in mechanical rooms, parking garages, elevator shafts, pool areas, and any other area where increased durability is required.

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