Isolatek Type 3000 ES

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Isolatek Type 3000 ES (also known as Cafco 3000 ES) is a gypsum-based, wet mix Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material that is designed to allow the material to remain in the hose up to 72 hours (such as overnight or over the weekend) without the need to purge with water.

This improves job site productivity by reducing both wash-out and start up times when used in conjunction with Isolatek Type 3000.

Isolatek Type 3000 ES has physical properties that, combined with superior fire resistive performance and application efficiencies, make it the ideal choice for high rise structures with time sensitive deadlines.

  • Isolatek Type 3000 ES provides all of the benefits of Isolatek Type 3000, along with the elimination of washout and reduced start up times, thus increasing productivity.
    Exceeds industry in-place physical performance standards.
  • Offers LEED building credits for recycled content.
  • Its light red colour provides an easily identifiable marker to clearly indicate its use.
Product uses

Designed for use in conjunction with Isolatek Type 3000 to provide delayed set time, thereby allowing slurry to remain in the hose for up to 72 hours.

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Data sheet

Isolatek Type 3000 ES technical data sheet

Safety data sheet

Isolatek Type 3000 ES safety data sheet

Application guide

Isolatek Type 3000 ES application guide


Isolatek certificate of compliance

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