Isolatek medium density SFRM


Isolatek Type 400

The durable surface and Portland-cement-based formulation of Isolatek Type 400 make it well suited for application in areas which may be subjected to high levels of abuse and such as mechanical rooms, perimeter steel structures, and parking garages.

Isolatek Type 400 AC

Isolatek Type 400 AC provides fire protection for up to four hour ratings to various floor and roof deck assemblies, steel beams, columns and joists in commercial construction projects.

Isolatek Type 400 ES

Isolatek Type 400 ES is gypsum-based medium density wet mix SFRM that can remain in the hose up to 72 hours without the need to purge with water.

Isolatek Type CP-2

Isolatek Type CP-2 is a durable SFRM designed to provide fire resistance to structural steel, concrete and composite metal decks in internal and semi-exposed conditions for commercial construction projects.

Isolatek Type HP

The only medium density product classified for “investigated for exterior use” by Underwriters Laboratories, allowing it to remain exposed to extreme weather conditions during the construction process.
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