Chartek 1709

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Part of International's UL 1709 product offer, boron-free Chartek 1709 provides long term corrosion and fire protection in a single system.

Having covered millions of square meters over a period of ten years, Chartek 1709 can be used with confidence for pool fires up to four hours, jet fires and vessel protection.

Its low installed weight and excellent application properties make Chartek 1709 the ideal choice for modular construction or site application.

Chartek 1709 characteristics
  • Product chemistry - Epoxy Intumescent
  • Volume solids - 100%
  • VOC content (EPA method) - 10 g/lt
  • Colour options - Medium grey
  • Number of components - Multi pack
  • Attributes - Solvent free
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Data sheet

Chartek 1709 technical data sheet

Application guide

Chartek 1709 application guide

Safety data sheet

Chartek 1709 safety data sheet - part B

Safety data sheet

Chartek 1709 safety data sheet - part A

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