International Interchar 2060

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A single component, borate free, high solids, low VOC intumescent coating designed to to provide fire protection to structural steelwork.

Independently tested at accredited laboratories to BS476 Parts 20-21 and third party asses and certified.

Provides up to 60 minutes fire protection on "I" section beams, columns and hollow sections.

Suitable for both on and off-site application due to its ease of use, fast drying and handling properties. Can be used over a wide range of approved priming systems.

Interchar 2060 provides 60 minutes fire protection via single coat application while maintaining architectural aesthetics. It is a class leading single component, low VOC intumescent coating suitable for onsite and offsite application. Tested and certified to the highest standards, Interchar 2060 offers rapid drying times for fast handling and throughput.

Interchar 2060 characteristics

  • Product chemistry - Acrylic Intumescent
  • Volume solids - 75%VOC content (EPA method)290 g/lt
  • Colour options - White
  • Maximum dry film thickness - 750 μm
  • Minimum dry film thickness - 350 μm
  • Number of components - single pack
  • Dry time (at 15°C) - 18 hours
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Technical advisory

Interchar Solvent Borne Acrylic Intumescent Coatings Application Guidelines

Safety data sheet

Interchar 2060 safety data sheet

Data sheet

Interchar 2060 data sheet

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