Polibrid 705-E

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The world's best elastomeric urethane. It is not a polyurea!

Polibrid 705-E is designed for the waste water industry to go over concrete and steel. There are many other applications such as tanks, mines, water channels and pipes. Chemical bunds made from earth have also been created successfully.

Polibrid has been used on the Adelaide desalination plant on the outfall shaft. Swart and Sons combined with McElligott Partners placed over 1,000 square metres of Polibrid 705-E in the outfall shaft.

Polibrid 705-E is the product of choice for Melbourne Water where McElligott Partners have completed several large steel tanks, the Wonthagi Desalination Plant and, most recently, the Eastern Treatment Plant.

  • 100 percent volume solid product that sets in 15-25 minutes allowing the use of geofabric material that allows the product to develop so many advantages during the life of the product.
  • UV stable! chalks slightly but handles the most severe UV.
  • Installations are carefully selected by International Paints to make sure the application and service environment are correct for the products use. International paints only allow accredited applicators who have invested in the machinery to apply Polibrid 705-E.
  • Slow set compared to polyurea this allows wetting with with the substrate that helps promote a chemical bond with the substrate. Polibrid 705-E does not just rely on a mechanical bond as polyurea does. The use of geofabric allows the product cure without pin holing in the final coating thus reducing the potential for coating failure later.

It's simply the best coating we have used!

One man and a small team in Brownsville in Texas have developed a company with worldwide distribution based on one product - Polibrid 705-E. That in itself tells us a lot... not many companies can survive on the strength of just one product!

Polibrid 705-E characteristics

  • Product chemistry - Polyurethane
  • Volume solids -100%
  • VOC content (EPA method) - 0 g/lt
  • Colour options - Buff
  • Maximum dry film thickness - 5000 μm
  • Minimum dry film thickness - 700 μm
  • Number of components - Multi pack
  • Attributes - Solvent-free
  • Dry time (at 15°C) - Two days
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Application guide

Polibrid 705-E application guide

Product brochure

Polibrid 705-E product brochure

Data sheet

Polibrid 705-E technical data sheet

Safety data sheet

Polibrid 705-E buff part A safety data sheet

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