International Interchar 3120

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Interchar 3120 provides thin and thick film capabilities, easy to apply and durable epoxy intumescent coating that provides cellulosic passive fire protection (PFP) for off site applied structural steel. It increases production efficiency, reduces site work and coating schedules.

Interchar 3120 characteristics

  • Product chemistry - Modified Epoxy Intumescent
  • Volume solids - 100%
  • VOC content (EPA method) - 21 g/lt
  • Gloss level - Semi gloss
  • Number of components - Multi pack
  • Dry time (at 15°C) - 22 hours
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Product brochure

Interchar 3120 product brochure

Data sheet

Interchar 3120 Data Sheet

Technical advisory

Interchar 3120 Application Guidelines

Safety data sheet

HFA321 Interchar 3120 White part B safety data sheet

Safety data sheet

HFA320 Interchar 3120 Black part A safety data sheet

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