Trafalgar Fyre Stop systems


Trafalgar COREX

Trafalgar COREX is a lightweight, high impact resistant, glass-reinforced gypsum fire-resistant board designed a system that allows for steel structures to be clad to achieve the required FRL under the NCC.

Trafalgar FyreBATT

A coated mineral fibre product, for use as a fire seal for service penetrations. A high-density fibrous lamella core, sealed on both sides with a flexible fire rated ablative coating, offering high fire protection along with an effective smoke and acoustic seal.

Trafalgar FyreBOARD Maxilite

A lightweight, high performance, calcium silicate based fire rated board, bonded together with non-organic binders. Completely free from asbestos, volatile organic compounds and ozone depleting potential.

Trafalgar FyreFLEX Sealant

A water-based, low VOC, environmentally-friendly fire-resistant acrylic sealant perfect for fire-stopping cable and metal pipe penetrations through fire-rated barriers.

Trafalgar FyrePEX Sealant

A graphite water-based intumescent mastic sealant for fire-stopping service penetrations through fire-rated walls and floors, preventing the spread of fire for up to two hours.

Trafalgar FyrePLUG Pillows

Trafalgar FyrePLUG pillows are a tried and tested passive fire penetration system that has been used across the industry for over forty years and are proudly made in Australia.

Trafalgar FyreSET Mortar

An Australian-made cement-based mixture, formulated specifically for fire-rating applications in openings in fire barriers that include complicated or mixed service penetration types.

Trafalgar FyreSHEATH

FyreSHEATH is a system designed to simplify the use of FyrePEX High-Performance Sealant, ensuring a compliant amount of sealant every time to achieve the FRL required, up to a -/120/120.

Trafalgar FyreSHIELD PLUS for ceilings

An Australian-made access panel system designed to be built into plasterboard ceilings. Improved fire and acoustic performance and maintaining the signature Trafalgar Fire quality.

Trafalgar FyreSHIELD for walls and shafts

FyreSHIELD is a proudly Australian made access panel system which has been designed and tested to be built into partition walls and riser shafts.

Trafalgar FyreWrap

The leading passive fire protection solution for commercial ductwork, the lightweight Insulfrax core ensures high temperature insulation and performance.

Trafalgar FyreWrap Access Panels

FyreWrap Access Panels are a patented system designed for use on ducts protected by Trafalgar's innovative FyreWrap system.

Trafalgar Service Shaft Access Panels

Manufactured in Australia and designed for use in large openings in fire-rated service shafts or risers where access is required for maintenance of services.


The UniGUARD system tested for use around large metal pipe penetrations, where large amounts of insulation wrap are not practical to prevent heat transfer.
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