Trafalgar FyreSHEATH

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FyreSHEATH is a system designed to simplify the use of FyrePEX High-Performance Sealant, ensuring a compliant amount of sealant every time to achieve the FRL required, up to a -/120/120.

It also minimises sealant waste from overfilling into the wall cavity, saving you money.

FyreSHEATH features

  • No need for plasterboard patching
  • Hole size is not critical
  • Sets the annular gaps and fill depths automatically
  • Easy compliance checks for certification
  • Improved quality control
  • Suitable for single and double layer plaster walls
  • Tested to AS1530.4-2014 and compliant with AS4072.1Faster and easier installations
  • Reduces FyrePEX HP wastage
  • Easier certification as sealant depth is visible
  • Tested for use with plasterboard, concrete/masonry, Pronto panel and WALSC

Used with FyrePEX HP Intumescent Sealant

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Test report

FyrePEX and FyreSHEATH test report FAR 4849

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