Trafalgar FyreFLEX Sealant

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Trafalgar’s FyreFLEX Sealant is a water-based, low VOC, environmentally-friendly fire-resistant acrylic sealant which is perfect for fire stopping cable and metal pipe penetrations through fire-rated barriers.

FyreFLEX is the one of the most fire-tested sealants in the market, with more than 30 fire tests.

FyreFLEX Sealant features

  • Non-toxic, low VOC sealant
  • Simple installation details
  • Fire tested to AS1530.4:2014
  • Fully encapsulated 25mm TWRAP material
  • Tested in Hebel, Speedpanel, plasterboard and more
  • Top side only install for floors

FyreFLEX Sealant applications

  • Cable penetrations - data/comms, power, fire cables, singles, bundles and trays
  • Metal pipes - steel and copper
  • Control joints - head of wall, wall and floor Joints
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FyreFLEX VOC certificate

Test report

FyreFLEX test report FCO1579

Test report

FyreFLEX test report FAS190382

Technical manual

FyreFLEX plumber's technical manual

Technical manual

FyreFLEX electrician's technical manual

Data sheet

FyreFLEX data sheet

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