Trafalgar FyreSET Mortar

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FyreSET Mortar is an Australian made special cement-based mixture, formulated specifically for fire-rating applications, in particular openings in fire barriers that include complicated or mixed service penetration types.

FyreSET Mortar is easily mixed on site with water to the required consistency for either pouring or trowelling into floor slab penetrations.

FyreSET Mortar has been fire tested in numerous configurations and with a multitude of service penetration types as required by the National Construction Code, providing FRLs up to -/240/240 (system dependent).

FyreSET Mortar features

  • Perfect for high FRL applications up to -/240/240
  • Effective heat sink for small ‘wrap free’ cable penetrations
  • Easily mixed on site
  • Surface-mounted or flush set
  • Allows for a neat install
  • Fire tested for use with FyreBOX™ Cast-In systems
  • Fire tested to AS1530.4-2014


  • Product code - FyreSET 10
  • Size - 10kg
  • Colour - Grey
  • Pallet quantity - 30
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FyreSET test report FAS200424


FyreSET data sheet


FyreSET technical manual


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