Trafalgar FyreCOLLAR Mixed Services

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Treat multiple sets of pair coil plus their cables, insulated pipes and drain lines all through one penetration, making HVAC&R penetrations fast, clean and easy.

HVAC&R pipes require thermal insulation to maintain the thermal efficiencies required to run air-conditioning and refrigeration services. However, these thermal insulation materials will quickly burn away in the high temperatures of an AS1530.4 fire test, which makes passive fire penetrations of HVAC&R services more complicated when compared to bare metal pipe penetrations for example.

FyreCOLLAR Mixed Services fire collars are lined with an intumescent material that expands with the heat of a fire to close off the gaps around services inside of a fire collar, filling up the spaces left by the burning/melted thermal lagging to tightly seal around the copper pipes.

The high-grade intumescent material is strong enough to crush off pair coil insulation and form a tight seal around the cables, so all of these services can be bundled together to make passive fire protection of HVAC&R services fast and easy.

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