Trafalgar COREX

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Trafalgar COREX is a lightweight, high impact resistant, glass-reinforced gypsum fire-resistant board designed a system that allows for steel structures to be clad to achieve the required FRL under the NCC. Trafalgar COREX is quick to install with reduced risk of applicator error, providing a robust and reliable method of steel fire protection.

Structural steel members often require fire protection to prevent collapse in the event of a fire. Under high heat, the material properties of the steel change, making collapse likely. To avoid this the members can be clad in Trafalgar COREX to provide an AS4100 fully compliant and fire tested thermal insulation barrier.

Trafalgar COREX features

  • High impact resistant
  • Lightweight and sustainable
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Fire tested for all structural steel sections
  • Fast installation using staples
  • Regression data as per NCC and AS4100
  • No separate metal framing is required
  • Non-combustible
  • Free technical advice

Trafalgar COREX applications

  • Beams
  • Columns
  • SHS
  • RHS
  • CHS
  • Angles
  • Plates
  • Wide range of steel sizes

How to Install COREX

COREX Coatbacks, Interfaces and Bondek test report FAS210135


COREX AS4100 test report FAS200445


COREX data sheet


COREX sustainability certification


Trafalgar COREX technical manual


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