Trafalgar Service Shaft Access Panels

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Trafalgar's Service Shaft Access Panel is manufactured in Australia and has been designed for use in large openings in fire-rated service shafts or risers where access is required for maintenance of services.  

These access hatches provide lockable access to services in these vertical shafts.  

Trafalgar Access FRSS Access Panels have been fire-tested to Australian Standard AS1530.4 and have attained up to a four hour fire-rating for shafts and comply with the National Construction Code (NCC/BCA) Clause C3.13, where 30 minutes fire insulation concessions apply.

Service Shaft Access Panel features

  • Fully fire tested in accordance with AS1530.4:2014
  • Flange options –  flanged (feathered edge/picture frame) or wet wall (set bead/concealed frame)
  • Designed for large openings in service shafts and risers.
  • Attained fire rating up to four hours
  • Fire-tested in a range of common wall types
  • Fully-welded, fully-primed steel
  • Carbine tubular latch lock as standard
  • Exposed hinges
  • Australian-made quality
  • Fire rating: 2 hour -/120/30, 4 hour – /240/30 – frame must be back-filled with concrete or mortar for four hour applications

Custom sizes are available up to 2100 x 900mm.

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Technical manual

Service Shaft Access Panel technical manual

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