Trafalgar FyreBOX Slab-Mount Bambino

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The FyreBOX Slab Mount Bambino is specifically manufactured for individual trades to simplify the job allowing installation of services before the wall construction, providing predictable site costs and a reliable method of fire stopping, with independence from other contractor schedules. A proudly Australian made passive fire penetration system made for trades.

FyreBOX Slab Mount Bambino benefits

  • Sprinkler pipe penetrations to be preinstalled before walls are constructed
  • No need to install couplings on sprinkler pipes
  • Suitable for both pipes and cables in the same penetration
  • Tested with Firesence alarm and other cables
  • Tested for steel and CPVC sprinklers
  • Reduced separation between service penetrations
  • Suitable for apartment entry and riser shaft penetrations
  • Fully tested and compliant to AS1530.4- 2014

FyreBOX Slab Mount Bambino specifications

  • Model - FyreBOX-SM-BAMBINO
  • Height - 125mm
  • Width - 250mm
  • Depth - 160mm

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Technical manual

FyreBOX Slab-Mount Bambino passive fire technical manual

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