Trafalgar FyreBOX Mini

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The FyreBOX™ Mini and Maxi are a retro-fit multi-service penetration system designed to prevent the spread of fire through small or large service penetrations, in the smallest footprint possible. FyreBOX™ has been tested rigorously with a range of mixed service types and bundles in common wall and floor types and is one of the most fire tested products in the world, with industry-leading FRL’s of up to -/240/240 (system specific).

Trafalgar Fire’s FyreBOX™ Maxi & Mini are an intumescent lined product designed to prevent the spread of fire through service penetrations. Think of the FyreBOX™ Range as fire rated holes,
and as a fire takes hold, the intumescent material expands to close off the penetration, forming a tight seal around the services and crushing off plastic pipes. Intumescent foam plugs are also fitted, giving the FyreBOX™ superior reliability and acoustic properties, and the ability to allow for adds, moves and changes.

FyreBOX Mini features

  • Allows multiple and mixed services to pass through one opening
  • Mixed services approved in any quantity or configuration
  • Retro-fit or new construction
  • Space saving, eliminates the need for 200mm separation between adjacent services
  • Tested in Hebel®, single/ double layer plasterboard, Speedpanel® and many other common wall/floor systems
  • Fire tested in independent laboratories
  • Thoroughly tested to AS1530.4-2014

FyreBOX Mini applications

  • Electricians - power, data cables, conduits
  • Plumbers - steel and copper pipes, PVC pipes, PEX pipes, PEX-AL-PEX pipes
  • HVAC&R - insulated pipes
  • Active Fire - sprinkler pipes, fire cables

How to install a FyreBOX Slab-Mount


How to install a FyreBOX Mini


How to Install a FyreBOX Maxi


How to Install a FyreBOX Cast-In


FyreBOX Cast-IN Product video


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