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Trafalgar Fire has developed an easier and quicker installation option for wrapping large metal pipes. The UniGUARD system tested for use around large metal pipe penetrations, where large amounts of insulation wrap are not practical to prevent heat transfer.

UniGUARD is a new insulation guard that does away with excessively long lengths of wrap products that are typically needed for large pipes. UniGUARD is shipped flat for easy storage and transportation. Then simply fold around the pipes onsite for installation.

UniGUARD features

  • Flat packed for easy shipping, transport, and storage
  • Simple and quick to install
  • FRL’s up to -/120/120 for large metal pipes (DN150)
  • Better heat transfer performance than wrap systems
  • Quicker solution for large pipes that would typically need long lengths of insulation wrap (TWRAP)
  • Tested to AS1530.4-2014

UniGUARD applications

  • Metal pipe floor penetrations
  • Multiple metal pipe penetrations hard against a riser wall
  • Steel and copper pipes
  • Tested for use in concrete, FyreBATT and FyreBOARD Maxilite substrates

Product code - UniGUARD150

Thickness - 0.6mm

Width - 600mm

Length - 690mm

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