Trafalgar FyrePEX Sealant

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FyrePEX High-Performance Sealant is a graphite water-based intumescent mastic sealant used for fire-stopping of service penetrations through fire-rated walls and floors, preventing the spread of fire for up to two hours.

FyrePEX features

  • Specifically designed for water and gas PEX pipe penetrations
  • Also suitable for HVAC&R services
  • Quick and easy to apply and install
  • FyreSHEATH option helps reduce wastage
  • Tested for SpeedPanel, Hebel and plasterboard walls
  • Non-toxic and Green Star rated for low VOC
  • Water-based for easy clean up
  • Tested and approved in accordance with AS1530.4-2014 and AS4072.1
  • FyrePEX HP compliance is made easy with FyreSHEATH

FyrePEX specifications

  • Product code - FyrePEX HP310
  • Size - 310mL
  • Colour - Black/dark grey
  • Box quantity - 25
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FyrePEX Cast-In Conduits test report FAS200393


FyrePEX data sheet


FyrePEX HP for Cast-In Conduits technical manual


FyrePEX HP technical manual


FyrePEX and FyreSHEATH test report FAR 4849


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