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MCU-Ecocleaner water-based gel features a powerful new technology to clean metal surfaces prior to applying a protective coating.

It will improve operational efficiencies and complement existing surface preparation techniques because it is cost effective, saves labour, improves the quality of the surface preparation and gets intoa reas where traditional cleaning processes cannot reach.

The additional time taken on projects as a result of switching between abrasive blasting, high pressure water, power tool cleaning and painting can be substantially reduced, as it is possible to prepare large areas days in advance.  The flash rust and surface gingering can be removed by MCU-Ecocleaner Gel in as little as 30-45 minutes - while the dust is settling, or after the surfaces have dried.

The gel is simply applied by brush, spray or roller - covered if necessary to prevent evaporation - and washed off 45 minutes to 12 hours later, depending on the severity of the corrosion.

It is also highly effective at removing mill scale, green algae, humus, barnacles and limestone deposits.

MCU-Ecocleaner Gel is environmentally friendly, reduces health and safety risks, is non-flammable, non-toxic and biodegradable.

  • Abrasive blast days in advance and removing flash rust in 30-45 minutes without any further abrasive blasting
  • Supplement abrasion blasting Sa 2/2½ and power tool St 3 surface preparation
  • Twice as efficient in surface preparation
  • Clean difficult to reach areas with a chemical surface preparation
  • Easily clean and prepare crevices between riveted metal beams
  • Effectively and easily clean weld seams
  • Deep clean pitted surfaces
  • No need for corrosion inhibitors when water-jetting
  • No dust - no need to contain or clean-up grit blast residues
  • Etch non-ferrous substrates, such as aluminium, with a simple-to-use chemical cleaning system
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Safety data sheet

MCU-Ecocleaner Safety Data Sheet - New Zealand

Safety data sheet

MCU-Ecocleaner Safety Data Sheet - Australia

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MCU-Ecocleaner Technical Data Sheet

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